When I began doing sports, it was about the joy of doing it. Whether “it” was rowing, running, sailing or what have you. We didn’t have all of the tech (GPS, Facebook/Vine, FitBit, nike+) or even fancy shoes and clothes. We had cotton, itchy wool called “ProTogs” and beginning in about 1984, polypro introduced by Helly Hansen, and nicknamed “Smelly Helly.”

Getting back into running after a 20 year hiatus, I was stunned at how TECH has changed everything. 

During that time, I also got a dog. Not just any dog…a Black Mouth Cur. An American Heritage breed of farm and hunting dog. One of the most unspoiled, true, hunting and protective dogs around. And I began to realize…everything I need to know about fitness, I learned from having a dog.

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